Monday, August 30, 2004

July 25 (Sunday): I wake up at 10 still tired out. Sara is on MSN but my MSN still is not working. I restart and get in touch with Sara, Thursday night’s phone call leaves me remaining a bit freaked (but in a good way).

Today is hard work and slow moving. Dad MSNs me also wanting to know what I’m doing today. I dunno but best show my face there though and mum can have a crack at my bubblegum trousers and shirt.

I also check Friendster to discover that Sofie has added me as a friend: my little Viking.

I take an eternity to get out; I throw on my Millwall shirt and think about leaving the house. I stop at the Layer Road general store to get today’s newspapers, stomping too prominently outside the football ground.

I get home and Snowy is all over me, which is nice. I tell Dad about my job and he tells me about his job, or rather his old job and his current woes in resolving some sick pay and some due holiday pay. He’s been to the citizen’s advice bureau and I cringe, those people are useless and put up against a real legal mind, such as any company employs, I fear Dad may be chasing up a blind alley.

I have found a new favourite tv show. For three weeks running now I have been watching Relic Hunter on Sky and I love it. Basically it is some US cable production that they film in Europe (Young Indiana Jones Chronicles type thing). Relic Hunter rules, it’s a kind of cash in on Laura Croft/Tomb Raider and stars the bird from Wayne’s World and the drippy guy from Preaching To The Perverted (most definitely not Tom Courtenay). Tia Carrere though actually remains a fox. She looks obviously older but this just adds a quality for me. Or maybe it is all the martial arts moves she does while the wimpy guy ducks out the way. This show is dope, I’m gonna get the DVDs. I wish I could get Sky for my flat (damn health and safety).

I watch Takeshi’s Castle and Malcolm In The Middle with Dad (the one where Lois is forced to tart up at work and Hal cheats at basketball against the boys) before taking off home.

It’s a real tv party tonight; Big Brother is now really fascinating to me. Jason is fascinating, I’ve joked all the long over how similar we are but we really are and now that Victor has (wrongly) gone, he has been left isolated and more moody and grumpy than ever and his behavioural patterns really match some of mine at times.

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