Sunday, August 08, 2004

July 18 (Sunday): I wake up as normal when really I need a good rest. Soon though, the “I’ll sleep I’m dead� mentality kicks in and I get bored. I MSN Sara to see if she is over our little spat Thursday. Seems so but it is laboured and dragged out. I talk to her about things and it occurs to me that my friends have this way of manipulating what they want to sound like it is a good thing for all parties concerned/involved. I also MSN dad for a while, regular like clockwork.

Eventually I make it out to get a newspaper. I park up at the office and go into town. Stevo has been nagging and hassling me to go into work this Sunday to tidy up for tomorrow’s arrival of the new girl, even to the point he is bribing me with buying me a Chinese meal. However though, I doubt he will turn up until late afternoon at best meaning any tidying up will lead into Sunday evening which religiously to me is a quiet night. Before going into the office to tidy I go into town for a Sunday spree. I get the News Of The World etc and begin looking for the book that Phoebe is reading. It is The Food Of Love by Anthony Capella and I find it in both Waterstones and WH Smith, so I buy it with view/hope to maybe getting a look into her mindset. It is a romantic comedy, so maybe I pick up some romantic moves from it that might strike a nerve/chord with her. Is this just plain stalker-esqe?

I go into the office and clear my desk and desk area. It is a doddle, my work area is nowhere near as muddily as Steve reckons it is, it is just organised chaos if anything. I through a hell of a lot of stuff out and come across the Greyfriars adult courses catalogue again, maybe I should do one of them. I put two boxes of shit in the boot of my car and by two I am done and there has been no sign of Stevo.

I head home in time to catch War Games on ITV. It sends me to sleep for my old man Sunday nap. I am so lazy, I am rightfully a Leo, a cat.

The rest of the day (the evening) turns out to be a real snorer, a proper Sunday. Maybe I should have joined Stevo in tidying the office and having a Chinese.

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