Sunday, August 08, 2004

July 20 (Tuesday): Who has got the hump? Jason has got the hump. Chris Moyles is off this week so I am unable to listen to him on the walk to work and clear my head slightly. I arrive at the office and Emma is already there, the first person to arrive at the office this morning, which I feel makes us all look bad.

Today I receive an improved, more enthusiastic email from Phoebe but she still sounds a proper grump at the moment. She can't meet up for lunch Thursday which is a drag and sometimes can be read as more rejection. I think I will cool off on her for a couple of days, if anything, just to maintain my sanity.

Ivan is in today and it turns out that he has broken his thumb and will not be able to play football for us tomorrow or cricket next week. His thumb don’t fucking look broken. I joke “did you break it sticking it up your arse?�.

At lunchtime I go with Stevo for a Chinese buffet at Mr Wing’s place (apparently a local property mover with links to the Triad). The food is GOOD but the selection is limited. Halfway through the dinner (to me) Stevo says “I’m off now�. I get the fucking hump at this, one thing I will not do is eat alone, I’m funny like that. Who get da hump? Jason get da hump.

In the afternoon Accountancy Additions phones me three times about one job opening in the city. It is industry not practise but nevermind. The first call is the most excruciating, it happens when Who is well within earshot. Generally I would say it was obvious to any eavesdropper who would be calling me but this is Who (ho ho).

I get home and do next to nothing this evening, its too hot and tiring to bother.

This evening Big Brother is good and Victor is the funniest when nominating his eviction choices this week, this guy HAS to win, he has character and everything going for him. During the show my phone beeps and it think it is Phoebe doing her now regular late trick of texting me. Nope, it is tactless Sara telling from Dubai just how she has been offered a new job. God, talk about keeping up with joneses, just as I stress and labour with getting a new job, Sara pops up/in to remind me just how superior she is to me and how people are throwing job opportunities at her.

Tonight’s movie on TV is Dragnet. This movie is the best and Dan Aykroyd the coolest in his prime. And fuck anyone who disagrees with me. Unfortunately though I do my trick of falling asleep to the movie almost immediately. Night.

np: Public Enemy - Cold Lampin With Flavor


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