Sunday, July 18, 2004

June 23 (Wednesday): Sentimental education. I wake up shocked that my alarm clock actually dares to go off. Before being rudely interrupted, I was having a dream about shopping in Fopp with my friends, pretty sad. I actually wake up thinking "this is finally my time".

My momentum soon yields however when I MSN Phoebe and she tells me that she can't make it for our date on 3 July. I am gutted but she is very apologetic and keen to re-arrange, so rather than a cancellation it's just a postponement.

Today at work it is Leslie's birthday. I don't wish her happy birthday but I do get my order in for birthday cakes.

Work wise, Jimmy has given me a pretty big job to do (Acme Transport) which would have been an audit were the year end a month earlier. Unfortunately he has made mention of the job to Stevo who decides to hassle me about it and me and him end up having one of our classic heated arguments, this time about ETBs. The argument gets absurd to the point that we (mainly Stevo) are in disagreement about the font that we use on Excel. Grief, could things be any more Mickey Mouse. Jimmy said I was working with Iran on the job anyways (ho ho).

In the evening we play football and we're playing with a "weakened side". Iran is out for starters which means we have none of his ringer Colts team mates either. Instead we scrape together me, Stevo, Kev, Dick and his son James, who I really rate and think is a fantastic player. We begin and the game is a real scrap. For starters Birkett's have six (i.e. a sub) so it looks like we will eventually lose/give in to tiredness but it doesn't happen. Dick has a bit of a mini war with Jev and our team is really solid and soon flies (somehow) into a 4-0 lead, thanks mainly to James bashing several goals. Still, the real shocker is how ferocious Dick and Jev are going at each other. At halftime the score is 7-4 to us and I'm feeling confident and on-form, something that has really been missing lately. The second is a continuation of snuffing out Birkett's and thanks to mainly Dick the team is solid and has real shape, Kev is also having the best game he's had in weeks. Slowly Birkett's come back into it and eventually equalise but with the very last kick of the game James scores for us to make it 10-9 and I have never been so relieved for a game to end or so excited by us scoring a goal. Winners!

As I drive home I get a text from Azmei saying they (her and Syra) are on their way to pick me up. She said they would be around to pick me up at 7.30 which was going to give me time to have a quick bath and get changed with good time. As I pull into Hollytree Court there they are waiting for me. This pisses me off and I get the fucking hump as I have to rush to get ready without having a break from anything. I don't even let them up into the flat, it is too much of a tip, instead I make them wait in the car. Rushed, I emerge ten minutes later Captain Grumps. They fucking knew I had football until 7.00 but still turn up early, how stupid can people get. And all this for Troy! I queue with Syra and get tickets. She pays and I don't care, I'm in a mood with her. Serving us is one of B's old friends called Jaz. This was the girl that once gave a blowjob at the top of a hill, got spaffed in the eye by wax dart from a backed up willy and then moaned/complained/concerned about the health issues (I told her she could lose her sight). Needless to say, tonight she doesn't recognise me. I tell Syra that sordid little tale and really impresses her, gives off an air that I know a lot of people and I have dirt on all of them. The Mcslim sisters buy popcorn drinks and sweets while I see my reflection in the spacemaker mirror and I look so bedraggled it's disgusting, which annoys me even more.

The movie Troy. It is horrible. We sit three, Syra left, Azmei middle and I right (the aisle seat in case of fire). I don't know why I said "yes" to seeing this film; it really does not appeal to me. Everyone looks faggy, talks macho and makes a meal out of everything, blowing even the merest issue out of proportion. This is a chick flick full stop (and very homoerotic). Brad Pitt is a thug, a skilled killer, but one with a heart and as a result girls will the look past this just to get to his sweet eyes, hot bod and pretty face. Wanker. And that little twat Orlando Bloom is in it too but at least he gets reduced to his knees, like the little pussy he actually is (he looks like a deformed version of Justin Timberlake to me). Eric Bana is perhaps the biggest culprit though. All that good work done with Chopper cashed in to be a low rent version of the King from Lord Of The Rings. It works though, the two females to my left get wet over him.

I spend most of the movie with my mind elsewhere, Euro 2004 games have started to get good now that I have been unable to see them. Tonight are the closing games of Group D (and the group stages in general). I keep checking GPRS on my phone and I see that Germany have taken an early lead against the Czech Republic which is a real shock. The next check on my phone five minutes sees that Holland take the lead against Latvia and it is soon becoming apparent to my "dates" that I am bored by the movie Troy. As an effort I try to ignore my phone for their benefit but I receive a text from Phoebe which makes my night, am I a ladies man or what? Regardless, this does prompt me to start playing with my phone again and I discover that the Czech Republic have equalised against Germany and that Holland have added to their against Latvia: in other words, I am missing Euro 2004 games worth watching.

The movie ends and it is dross. I check my phone and the Euro 2004 games ended with Czech Republic snatching a 2-1 win over Germany (yes! Germany are out) and Holland ended up beating Latvia (our mates) 3-0. As we emerged from the cinema (which felt like being released from a prison sentence) I see a girl called Danni who I used to know through a mutual acquaintance. She looks as per. I don't bother saying hello, last time I spoke to her the evening ended with me called her a "pricktease". I and the Mcslim sisters walk back to their Ka and I am feeling argumentative. I don't think they enjoyed the film either but shockingly the two HUGE Lord Of The Rings fans failed to recognise Orlando Bloom. Allah! When they drop me off at my flat I am snappy and tired, it fails to register with them that I am pissed off even when I am purposely trying to instigate an argument. I am a shit sometimes and they are thick skinned and probably a bit thick too (which is rich coming from me at the back of these in coherent ramblings). I need sleep in the worst way.

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