Wednesday, November 10, 2004

October 25 (Monday): Enemies. I wake up and hit Sara on MSN for some talk but she is doing some kind of stocktake on Kangaroo Island (what of kangaroos?) and our interaction is just painfully excruciating.

It doesn’t however prevent me from leaving home late and walking at a pace to limitize damage on consistent lateness recently. Fortunately however as I tear down Butt Road I see Sandip, meaning he is also late, somewhat saving my arse as we turn up late together. And just as we reach Chernobyl we see Barry in the distance coming over to see us in the office and having to turn away when at past 9AM on a Monday morning it is still locked up. Whoops.

Louise is back at work today but Stevo is at some client somewhere which means Louise is my source of amusement at work today. And I find myself getting my work today from Ivan. All morning I work with just Sandip in Chernobyl who spends the morning cracking me up doing Nick Cotton and Little Britain (“want that one”) impressions in his Indian accent. He rules!

At lunchtime I do things on the cheap, not least for the fright/scare/shock I have when I check my bank balance at Nat West. This month I am sailing really close to the wind come the end of the month just basically because October is a “five weeker”. I also trot into town with Louise who looks for a costume to wear to a fancy dress party she is going to. She picks out a Supergirl costume but she doesn’t let me see her in it, instead she sends me off on my own for lunch (can I be trusted?). It seems I can’t be trusted to do things right because when I go into HMV to buy the Office Christmas Special DVD (HMV exclusive comes with David Brent CD single!) my Virgin MBNA card gets declined at the checkout. Whoops, that’s the one I forgot to pay (and I later find out I went over the limit max also, charges-a-go-go). Luckily I am able to stick my hand in my pocket and dig out the Capital One, which saves blushes.

At the end of the day I take the Micra bubble car home with view to having an early start in the morning for when I go to Acme again. I do however have to put petrol into the mini monster, so instead of doing any study or anything of use, I go and check out the brand new swanky Asda. It has an upstairs now! And still the multinational security that don’t look able to write, they just thump.

When I get in, I find myself asleep by 10PM when really I was hoping to get some study in, my supposed option/chore. I’m a bad boy apparently.

np: Mudhoney – Chain That Door


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