Wednesday, November 10, 2004

October 21 (Thursday): Smart. I bounce awake at 7AM as I get rudely awaken by my alarm clock with the environment/weather/sky still pitch black dark, as if night. All in all, it makes this SO hard to wake/get up.

Surprise surprise Cilla, this morning Sara is online and on/up for some MSN. I speak to her for the longest I have for many days (well, since Saturday night’s events). She is still moaning that she is cold in Australia and points me to where she actually is in Oz. I look on the website of the place and it is called Kangaroo Island, a small island just off Adelaide. It looks fantastic for wildlife and generally a really nice select resort to go to relax and chill out. Sara tells me how cute the kangaroos are and that she has had her picture taken with some, me joking “when I see the pictures will I be able to see/tell who is who?”. She also tells me about the Koala bears and I make comment that I thought they were extinct and that I should have been one.

Our “conversation” (instead of nonversation) gets killed/cut short when my computer crashes offline and goes on the blink. I am now having more problems than ever with my PC and many of them are with the DSL connection. I wrestle with the thing for way too long and once more the real nightmare finds me late leaving for work and late arriving for work.

My walk to work is painful and colourful as I feel myself (pockets) jangling insanely, next to terrifying a mother I have to pass on my way. It has turned out to be a beautiful day and I look down on the floor only to see any opened condom trying to upset/spoil it. As I near the office, turning out not to be fully as late as originally feared, Moyles’ Tedious Link today turns out to be Alive by Pearl Jam. Happy happy joy joy.

Today is Emma’s last day at work before she leaves for Australia, so maybe it should be emotional but to be honest it is pretty fucking far from. I however am very chipper today, I have one of my best days at work in a long time and I get a lot of work done.

At lunchtime it is suggested that we lunch at the Marquis but instead, once Ivan gets involved, we head to the Hogshead where myself, Steve, Sandip and Ivan shoot the shit. I actually stagger around the Hogs semi tapped out, nearly stabbing two people with my knife and fork that they give me after I order my food (bean burger, going veggie). Most people generally are forgiving to such a faux pas but one of my victims happens to be the crazy Crouch Street tourettes man, which frightens the life out of me. Fortunately though, I get off scot free (today the gods are smiling on me).

Back in the office in the afternoon and we get Lindsey over doing her little bit of Sage. Its fine though, she’s quiet as a mouse and doesn’t seem dare speak to me these days but unfortunately with her coming over, we get the second coming of Janine coming into our office to talk lady bollocks (if you girls like Chernobyl so much why don’t you work here permanently and let us decent employees work in a nice office environment with basic stuff like fire escapes, windows that open, fire extinguishers and no pongy fucking odours). Her visit however coincides with my having wind from my Hogshead lunch (bean burger remember) and unfortunately a couple slip out. The second pop off turns out to be pretty pungent and all I can do is escape to the main office to get away from the hungry for stink. Apparently though, Sandip tells me that shortly after I disappear giggling (to myself) the girls mack my fart and Emma says “he’s always doing that” to which bovine girl states “no wonder he hasn’t got a girlfriend”. Bitchy. Another Friday night out on the town has been suggested by them but following the last disaster (August 13th), the one dimensionals really should be given a wide birth I believe, for the better of the firm/company/organisation. Well, me (without meaning to be selfish here).

I’m so sure that moving to the other office was such a great idea in itself though as I go see Stevo in the tax department banging his head against the Viztopia program and ripping the piss out of me to Andrex for my apparent crush on/of the old Chinese lady. We then get into some bullshit conversation where Andrex starts moaning about how upsetting it is to be hit on by sleazy men and how it effects their/her own worth and self esteem. My heart bleeds.

My afternoon infinitely picks up when Ivan mentions some management work that he may be pushing my way, some high profile work that is infinitely more interesting than the majority work I do now but also a high level of work/job which at the same time I am very capable of doing. In other words, this is good work scoring points with management and progressing my career/prospects.

In the evening, Stevo once more gives me a lift home and I get home in time to see the penultimate episode of The Apprentice. As the teams are finally down to two against two, old Donald Trump has decided to abandon the whole team v team premise, instead choosing to make all four remaining competitors conduct job interviews with his very best personnel with view to eliminating two of the contestants. Shockingly, the two contestants chosen for the chop also appear to have been the most successful, confident and arrogant of the contestants so far: Nick and Amy. Personally I don’t care for either character, so their elimination is no great shakes to me. And this is all occurs halfway through the show, the remainder shows the beginning of the final between Kwame and Bill, with the pair of them running teams of ex-contestants in arranging/managing a Jessica Simpson concert and golf tournament respectively. I am so sad, I’m actually eagerly anticipating the final tomorrow (to the point that I look on the internet to see who actually won/wins).

Tonight I come so so close to not making it to my English class, I just feel exhausted and uninterested. However, I never bunk nor take sick days so at the eleventh hour I have a double strength cup of Rocket Fuel coffee and drag myself to class. Maybe I shouldn’t have bothered as once more this week we analyse the poems of Christina Rossetti which I find thoroughly dull and I fidget my way through the entire class (something I think the teacher notices me doing). At breaktime we head down to get drinks and stuff in the “refectory”. As usual it is full of handicap people out on their weekly jolly social night. And I commit a little faux pas when talking to Emma and doing my Little Britain impression “want that one”. She tells me off.

Back in the class, it becomes my point/time to comment on the specific poem (The Thread Of Life) our group was analysing last week. I’m not sure if the teacher was being genuine or just decided to humour and enthuse me but when I make comment that in the poem Rossetti ends by “fishing for positivity”, she raves and says that is a fantastic comment to make. I really appreciate such props and it does respark my interest in the class (briefly). When the lesson ends, I am really relieved to be able to get home and sleep off my exhaustion (ha ha).

When I get in though, I actually get down to doing some writing and eventually go to sleep watching my Book Group DVD that I have dug out after probably gathering dust for over a year. I still fall asleep watching it though.

np: Selfish Cunt – I Love New York


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