Wednesday, November 10, 2004

October 18 (Monday): If You’re Going To Write A Comedy Scene, You’re Going To Have Some Rat Feces In There. Monday morning and I stagger into work like the usual Monday morn zombie that is I. Things immediately look/feel/are better when Alan is in the office and he is in fine fettle. Does this mean that his baby is better? No exactly but the little ‘un now sounds somewhat more stable and Alan himself is upbeat and looks genuinely relieved to be back at work. Recent events with his new born have been genuinely saddening/upsetting and the only genuinely upsetting thing to occur in my life recently. And I am just a bystander/spectator, so for Alan to be going through all this and come into work with a smile makes him the best man I know at the moment.

Still, it doesn’t get me out of going to Acme East Painting for him though (ho ho). Again, I have a really good morning at Acme East Painting and actually get my bit done by lunch. Yes, this is a really good job/client. By lunchtime, I am finished and have a VAT return ready to present to the client. Cheers all round.

The remainder of the day sails by. I get back into the office early afternoon and swan about town briefly for lunch before attempting to get into into/pick up another job in the afternoon (easier said than done).

When I get home in the evening, they are showing a catch up episode of The Apprentice. Wahey, I get to see Tammy and just how/when she was eliminated. What a crock of shit! They also show the episode in which Sam got the boot and that guy was awesome but surely he couldn’t have been for real, the guy had/has “plant” written all over him. I love this show!

In the evening I fall asleep before The Sopranos comes on and that is all.

np: Rollins Band - Fool


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