Tuesday, June 15, 2004

June 15 (Tuesday): Another uncomfortable awakening. Actually the morning is nice and the day is sedate. I go into work next to fuming, thinking too much about my discussion with Randy Pan yesterday (re: Who) has just enhanced the chip on my shoulder. And that can’t be good. I get in and Sunny is already, his usual self whining about how badly he did in his exam. I cross the road with precaution but I get a good reception from Jack (if not Ivan). Who then comes over and requests a draft for Acme Maintenance. I hand it over just knowing I’ll see that fucking thing again soon. Louise back and she’s a bit hesitant about her exam also, strange days indeed. Today Chernobyl is unendurable, I officially have the worst desk in the office. By way of responding to this in the office, I am really letting my personal hygiene go until they buy me a fan. Hey, I can play at pikey. It gets announced that the office will be closing at 4.30 Thursday so we can get home to watch England play Switzerland in time, which is nice.

At lunch time I wander round town with Louise. It provides mild yuks. The afternoon is a strain though, Chernobyl is likely to fry both my mind and body this summer.

Home time doesn't come too soon and within minutes I am home watching Latvia vs Czech Republic. Wow, could I care less about a match? Latvia are our mates though, they put Turkey out. Even that though can’t make me interested in the game. Latvia take the lead just before half time against the run of play, which stirs some interest. The Czech Republic look OLD! And frustrated, they really do have the run of the play and should thump Latvia with all the opportunities they get. Eventually they score a scrappy equalizer and the inevitable winner goes in.

Next is the eagerly anticipated Holland v Germany game. I fancy Holland in this tournament and this is the match most likely to kick off, in more ways than none. The game sadly doesn’t match up to the hype and I actually briefly fall asleep, waking up when the Germans score a lucky fluke free kick (typically) I lose interest. Holland look gash, rumours of players not talking to each other is horribly evident. I actually begin tidying my flat and finally putting things back into order post exam insania.

At halftime I check my phone and there are texts from Sara, Azmei and Sarah. Sara is asking me for advice on her latest wanker boyfriend, how can I possibly express how little I give a fuck? Azmei is asking for the fourth time (and fourth time I don’t answer her) “hope you’re not missing me too much, what is the office like without me�. And Sarah is asking if we’re still talking but annoyingly she uses text language “stl tlkg� which trivialises things too much for my taste. I ignore all three texts, choosing not to answer any of them. Talk about hassle.

The second half begins and Holland have a little more life in them thankfully and this is consummated as Van Nistelroy scores one of those goals he is SO good at scoring. Hey, I hate the cunt (and that was before the Cup Final) but can’t argue with anything when it is against the Germans. It all ends at 1-1, both teams looking a right shower of shit.

I really need a bath but by way of protest at the shit sweat shop (ho ho) working conditions at work I remain a greaser.

Wham! Two more texts come in, Sarah again (“I guess we’re not talking then�) and Phoebe (“bad day�). However I didn’t think it would end there and Sarah hits me on MSN as I am watching Big Brother, tonight memorable for Victor’s quote of “have a Coke and a smile and get the fuck out of here�. Whenever people get close to me I feel like I am being stalked and immediately push people away as far as possible. I limit the damage and lie so as not to hurt her feelings, which I really feel is wimping out. And now I feel like an arsehole for fobbing her off. Would the world please leave me alone for five minutes.

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