Saturday, April 03, 2004

Did All Tomorrows Parties last weekend. It did it badly, I had no interest in the music and no interest in the people. Unfairly I christened the event All Tomorrows Pikeys but really seriously the cap fitted. Due to the apparent need/lack of testosterone/masculinity I did the usual think of drinking myself into oblivion and then slipping into dabbling into any other substance I could ram down my mouth or shoot up my nose. Ultimately I only saw one band in full: Shellac. I also caught parts of Acid Mothers Temple, Converge, Mogwai, Cat Power, the Boredoms, Mike Watt, Tortoise, Lightninh Bolt and Arcwelder, none of which really floated my boat. The weekend ended monday morning when I discovered that I had someone's passport in my pocket. It's good to get away from things.


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