Thursday, November 11, 2004

November 3 (Wednesday): Oh, You Men. This morning I wake up bamboozled. I really should not have stayed up so late last night, especially when you consider that at even 7AM this morning the election hasn’t actually fucking finished!!! Still though, Bush is in the lead and looking the safe bet for victory.

I MSN with Sara a bit, a general “how are you?” bit to compensate for my general nonversation skills last night (this morning).

This morning I just about make it into work on time (thank god the mornings are light once more) and it is all to the soundtrack of Destiny’s Child on Moyles.

I finally get back into some real work, picking a job off Drew called Acme Drinks which will now need an audit and Drew has barely touched. All morning this is to the soundtrack of Stevo whinging.

Mid morning Ivan comes over and asks what we are doing for lunch. Nothings planned but something gets planned when a Pizza Hut buffet is suggested. I can’t really afford it but I have a hunger.

By the time lunchtime comes around, it has become apparent that Bush has won the election and suddenly people appear to be repeating my nihilistic view attitude to the result of a harmless puppet that is Bush (others are pulling the strings and running that country) versus the zero charisma worryingly unrevealed non-entity that became Kerry.

Lunchtime at Pizza Hut becomes an experience. Inside it is literally rammed and just ahead of us is the stuck up Asian from Butt Road who fit and knows it. Unsurprisingly I over eat, looking to cover both meals for the day. Talk is cheap and stunted between the three of us unfortunately, some days it just does not seem to flow. We leave unfulfilled, making a stop off at WH Smith where this months Loaded is out.

The afternoon flies by without event and when I get home in the evening I flick through this month’s Loaded and it is actually a good one for a change, complete with great articles on Millwall playing away in Ferencvaros and an article on dead wrestlers (yeah, I had noticed their high volume also).

In the evening I arse about the flat, beginning to watch John Kerry’s throwing in the towel speech and falling asleep, once more only confirming how he just did not cut it and that Bush did not win the election, Kerry lost the election.

As soon as I wake up, I realise I have to food in the flat so I stagger out to Asda. With my priorities correctly set in place I find myself immediately heading to the DVD section to have a look at what’s out. As I turn away uninterested I catch glimpse of a girl/lady/woman in the payment queue looking over smiling. She is actually quite hot and I smile back and walk off and get my food. Tonight this lady has performed a great service to humanity by really lifting my spirits and making me feel good and optimistic. There is hope. Such a little gesture, such a huge impression.

As I drive home there is this fantastic in session on the radio and it turns out to be the Go! Team. It completely matches my mood/morale.

I get home to scoff some really bad/unhealthy chocolate and peanut cereal. I really should be doing last year’s advance paper in order to send off to BPP to get marked but instead, feeling minging, I run a bath for a clean body and a clean mind, which I ultimately/eventually do not manage to get into. I MSN for a bit with Richard before diving in.

At 9PM the Fear programme comes on BBC2. Its really interesting, like Michael Moore without the arrogant/egotistical fat guy. It does however foul up when it compares Al-Quaida with the Mafia. Not really, isn’t the Mafia generally locally driven “organisation” and a more true/honest operation not driven (apparently) by religion and not mastered/managed/run by insane nuts. Also, the Mafia has style and actually comes over cool (albeit at the same time being cunts) whereas Al-Quaida are terrorists. And like all terrorists, insane fanatics.

Arrested Development comes on and as usual it is fantastic but it actually cannot be that great this evening because I fall asleep (once more) watching it. When I reawaken around 12.30, Jaws 2 is on TV. Gnarly. I check my computer and Sara is online but she’s wasted effort wasted time against the event of sleep.

np: The Go! Team – Huddle Formation


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