Saturday, June 26, 2004

June 18 (Friday): Two Jasons. I think by rights I should have woken up this morning with a hangover. Luckily though, it didn't happen. As per usual (yawn) it's a slow moving morning, especially as I really want to catch the repeat of Big Brother, even more so after GMTV gets in on the act reporting the police are now getting involved on the violent altercation. Unfortunately being the early hours it is an almost totally censored version of events, meaning the broadcast version doesn’t really reveal much.

As per the last few days Phoebe appears on MSN around 8.20 and I say “hi� and finally get around to asking her out. She is happy, she is good and a date is set for the first Saturday in July (her first available date). Things look good, to say the least.

At work everyone is buzzing, England cheers us up. At lunch time we head to Yates while Stevo tells us about Portugal for the hundredth time.

As Hirameka are all in town plans are hatched to go out tonight. To be honest, I remain exhausted but feel obliged to take up the rare opportunity for us to hang out as a group/gang. Stevo makes hints about coming along but as I call around at five to see what’s going down he loses interest in joining us. On TV is Denmark v Bulgaria in the most insane venue/stadium in history: both ends appear to be made up of rock faces. Denmark win 2-0 but it’s not as if I actually watch any of it.

I head to Chris’ for seven where his parents are putting on dinner for us. It is so cool, his parents are the best! We indulge and enjoy and by the time we is done it is beginning to get late. We call round Mark’s and meet up in the Playhouse for nine where we see Italy leading Swedan 1-0 (only for them to end up drawing 1-1). We stay in the Playhouse for one and then head to the Hogshead. Some people from work are out tonight and I bump into Ivan at the Hogs. He’s on the Stella/wifebeater. Myself, I am struggling to finish my first drink when everyone seems to be on the third, it’s going to be one of those nights. From the Hogs we head straight to the Arts Centre to start early. We arrive well before time and the place is next to dead. The DJ is playing “classic� indie tracks from way back in the day. My phone beeps just before midnight and it is Sarah going “can we just go back to being friends?�. This gets dragged out and I spend probably my first hour of the Arts Centre club in the middle of the dance floor sending text messages and emails from my mobile phone. It gets dragged out and at one point I am going “why talk about other men when we’re out? Don’t mention the fucksticks� to which she replies “what are fucksticks?�. My only response to that can be “one day I’ll show you�. I look up from another horrible text message rally to see that the club is still really dead even though the music has gotten better. Around 12.30, with things looking slow, Mark makes gestures to chip. I think everyone is in agreement and I leave also to the apparent bemusement of Ben, Chris and Tom who I thought were coming also. Oh wells. We leave and consider the pros and cons of purchasing a kebab but ultimately we wimp out. I get in too early but still find myself awake to 3 AM away.

np: Estelle - 1980


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