Sunday, April 25, 2004

April 23 (friday): Friday (night). So after events during the daytime I don't really want to go out in the evening but Chris really does and so I feel I really ought to (hey, tonight might actually be the night I meet Mrs Graham). After too long talking to parents we eventually venture, both of us with apparent stomach problems. We go into the Hogshead where I am expecting my boss to be and other football buddies. The buddies are there but the boss isn't. I bump into Jeremy (named George Best by Dr Stevo, Titters himself) and then Dick Anglia Grain (a client) who is just cool beyond belief in a grown up way. Looking around there appears to be no one else around we now so we hang tight talking football. Eventually we stagger outside and Chris captures two female acquaintances and we muscle in on them. We get a couple of words in before turning invisible to their evenings. However we stick with it/them and then some evil twins turn up whose names we know and that's about it. Tonight though, that does for us. Then the males turn up. They're shit. They're like brothers so they become the Idiot Brothers for the evening for me. Well the cap fits when at the end of the evening the more obnoxious of the two (close match though) throws a pint glass in the face of someone who calmly tells him he isn't putting up with his shit (or something). Wow, a glassing. I find it pretty unbelievable. The glasser walks way after a bit of prodding and then the glassee (also a squaddie unfortunately) goes fucking mental with a face full of blood. Hey, a trained killer pissed off at some obnoxious idiot. Personally I was routing for Rambo to break his fucking neck. Didn't happen. What did happen though was obnoxious idiot keep returning to finish his drink, prompting Gulf War to fly after him at any given opportunity. And even worse, Mr Glasser kept returning to our bench, too close to me/us for comfort (for me). I can't believe how blaise people were about it though and that most of them were taking the piss out of GI Joe over his reaction rather than condemning Glassing Boy for his actions. I guess its the horrible truth in the face of sobriety. I got out of there as soon as possible but couldn't talk Chris into it. People are so fucked up at times.


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