Wednesday, November 17, 2004

November 17 (Wednesday): Burning Issues. At 2PM this afternoon I attended a hearing with my current employer and by 2.30PM, the end of the hearing, he is/was no longer my employer, ending by far the most interesting period of my employed life to date.

I suspect I may be the first person in the UK to be dismissed for their Blog (our boring country always follows the lead of the US it seems).

It seems the term what has happened to me is I have been "dooced". And to rub salt in the wounds, it was by luddites. Unfortunately for them however, it was all observation not fabrication.

I’m actually really saddened to be leaving, despite hair tearing out incidents prompting off colour comments, I actually found myself working alongside some fantastic colleagues making the best of times my most enjoyable period of employment to date. However Pompeii didn’t last forever, so onwards and upwards in my foolish Gonzo world.

Thanks to everyone for reading.


At 7:52 am, Anonymous Hannah said...

was it Beaumont Seymour in Colchester that sacked you?

At 5:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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